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Currently: Adding!

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Hmm. Maybe I was supposed to comment here. I commented on the post you made in AddMe instead. I went ahead and added you already :)

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Either was fine. I responded to your question on the other post and added you back!

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Add me plz :)

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I did :)

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Added you before i saw this. Sorry about that! :)

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No problem :)

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I saw you in the adding community. While I'm not the hiker I once was I'd love to read your journal about the great outdoors. Adding you!

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Adding back! :)

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I'd love to add you! We have a lot in common like hiking, yoga and wine haha. Also country :)

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We do have a lot in common! Definitely adding you :)

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Hello! I found you through a mutual friend and was wondering if you'd like to be friends as well? I'm recently back from a 6 month hiatus and would love to connect with some active LJers! My name is Brittany. :)

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Hi Brittany :) Of course, I will add you!

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Hi there! My name is Eena. I found you through that massive friending meme and it wouldn't let me leave a comment on your thread for some reason. So here I am! I love exploring places and being outdoors. I think we'd get along pretty well, friends?

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Of course, dear :) I always love hearing the tales of other explorers <3 Added you!

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Hi! I came across you in a friending meme and thought you seemed pretty interesting. I notice we have a few mutuals, too. Would you like to give being friends a go? :)

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Sure :) Adding you now!